Here is a gallery of completed works from Sector Studio Workshop and its collaborators. Feel free to ask us about any of the projects displayed here.

Rocket ODST
Snow Wolf SRS99 5-AM
Wonder Woman shield
Robot Arm Sleeve
Togusa's Revolver
God Eater Sawblade
PokeMech Eeveelutions
PokeMech Umbreon
PokeMech Sylveon
PokeMech Sylveon
PokeMech Leafeon
PokeMech Flareon
PokeMech Glaceon
PokeMech Eevee
PokeMech Espeon
Pokemech Eeveelutions Glow
PokeMech Eeveelution Glow
PokeMech Jolteon
PokeMech Starters S.1
The Silver Shroud
Daft Wars
PokeMech Umbreon V.1
Pokemon Warriors Pikachu
Look Vibrant: Callous Reaction
ODST Pistol
Sonic Screwdriver
Halo 3 Sniper
Halo 3 Sniper Rifle
Proton Pack
Freddy Fazbear
Into the Night
Splinter Cell
Shy Guy
ODST Helmet