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About the Team

Joel L. (Red62)

Joel graduated from college in Robotic Automation Control Systems as an Electro-Mechanical Engineer with a goal to find work in the film industry building animatronics. From a young age, he's been buiding props out of anything he can find adding function as a primary part of his designing. 

"You know those animatronics from Chuck E' Cheese? I've always wondered how they worked: that's what started it all." 

His aim is to design and build the most impressive mechanical systems he can only dream possible. 


Sol is a multimedia artist with extensive experience in film, photography, and graphic design. An artist for most of his life, creating things has always given him great enjoyment and inspiration.

Several years of costume / prop making has allowed him to produce imaginative and memorable works. The maker mentality is a strong driving force behind Sol's creative process, with originality, innovation, and wow-factor as key elements for his creations.

Sol is constantly expanding his knowledge and skill set with each new projects. His aim is to create works with a balance of technical functionality and artistic creativity.

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